sexta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2014

My American Friend Shares Her Experience in Brazil (in my hometown)

When we talk about impressions about a country, it is always nice to see the other side's perception. I mean, as M. Scott Peck says, you should "share our similarities and celebrate our differences". What make us unique is being different from each other, and this is nice. 
I would like to share a newsworthy point of view from a very dear friend of mine, called Calista. 
Calista went to Brazil, specifically to my hometown, with some Occupational Therapy students and Dr. Christine Urish (my American mom), where I had the amazing pleasure of meeting her and work as their interpreter.
Calista is an angel that God put in my life to present me "The Bridge", which is the group that I have talked about, and I really love her comments. Take a look at the picture below. I found this at the elevator of McCarthy Hall! (PS.: Thanks for mentioning me! :) I feel blessed for being your friend!  )

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