domingo, 21 de setembro de 2014

My 21st Birthday in the US! And no... I didn't get drunk! Haha

By seeing the title of this post we will see how the 21st birthday is so expected for some people. 
Differently from Brazil, the legal age to drink in the US is 21 and not 18 and the laws are really tough and strict about it. 
I see positiveness about it. Americans learn how to drive at the age of 16, become "an adult" at the age of 18 and can drink when they turn 21! So, THEORETICALLY, people have five years to think about the responsibility concerning driving and drinking which is great. But we all know that this doesn't always happen... Anyways... In general, when people turn 21, they want to drink and consequently they get wasted! My birthday was totally different!
I started celebrating with My American mom Christine a day before my birthday. We had lunch and she gave a lot of presents, she is so sweet! I loved all of them!
On the Sept. 1st my birthday and Labor Day in the US, I went to a Zumba class in the morning that was also a fundraiser for a baby who was ill. It was cool to have fun and help the baby and his family! We were all being coordinated by Bettinna Bolger and her crew with fun movements and a lot of dancing. I enjoyed a lot, but I was tired and my back was aching due to my posture while studying and using my iPad (however Dr. Eduardo Marquez, amazing professional and chiropractor, took care of me and gave my spine and neck adjustements!). Well, when we were about to end, Bettinna plays the 2014 World Cup Anthem by Pitbull ft. JLo and Claudia Leitte! I jumped from my chair and started dancing with everybody. No more pain, just fun! During Claudia's part in the song, we had a blast by joining all the Brazilian in the middle dancing a very original samba! What a fun and patriotic time that allowed us to show our culture. :)
After that, we had Brazilian lunch at the Tome's house where I personally met Global Awareness Consulting supporters and I had the pleasure of having my roommates with me and being with my dear friend Jennifer (Love you, girl! You're my favorite!). My roommates and I even sang "Seasons of Love" by Rent. It was a fun moment.
Thanks, Jacque and Christine for my 21st birthday!

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