quinta-feira, 24 de julho de 2014


I really don't like packing, but this time I'm loving that!
Well, this post it's just to tell you guys that this step is very excited but you need to pay attention while getting your things ready!
First of all, consider where you are going to live, how's the weather while you're there, how's the weather as soon as you get there, what you will need, what you think you could buy there instead of taking it with you, be ready for any kind of events (I'm even taking a suit and a blazer). 
On medicines, if you take any medicine be sure to have a prescription from your doctor and everything you may need in case of emergency! I have a box full of it!

It's also important to check if the Univeristy website has any advice about what to pack and what you shouldn't pack. My Univeristy provides the students sheets and pilows until you get your own stuff, however I'm taking mine already! I'm also taking clothes for different occasions too, them you may think: " this guy is boring or stupid for brining all this stuff since he could buy there ". Well, I could but I don't want to. I honestly don't want to buy many clothes there because I really want to travel, etc... And to do that I'll need money! I want to go out with my friends, etc, I want to buy some stuff I want, so... This sounds like a plan!
In short, be sure about what you're packing, researches are really important to get to know the place, the weather you will face. I'm from Brazil, so we have a big difference between Brazilian and American winter! Consider that despite the fact you will probably need to buy winter clothes there! :) this photo shows only part of my stuff! LOL... I'm not done yet!
PS: Make everything you can in advance!
17 days!

quarta-feira, 23 de julho de 2014

Motivational Lectures, Roommates and Heath Form

Well, this is it! 18 days from today I'll be leaving my country and I'll be headed to Iowa! Can't wait!
Some people are kinda sad about not seeing me around, etc... but it's part of life. I'm sure I'll miss them too! Don't worry, friends! You all will be in heart all the time! 
Meanwhile, I've done cool things. 
A couple days ago, I went to my old school where I could speak to some high schoolers and my Spanish and English teachers about when I was in high school. It was such a great moment! I left that school with a perception and I now I was coming back with a different one and I was in charge motivating my younger friends to pursue their dreams and never give up on them. They got so excited for meeting . A student who studied there, today, he speaks five languages, continues to sing, is a successful college student, is going to the States, etc.
I really felt useful for them. I got so excited to see their eyes shining as they were saying: this is really possible! One of the greatest parts of the day was seeing them asking me questions in Spanish and English! They are so good! I'm really proud of them.
I talked about how we can use the weapons we have to pass through obstacles and defeat our giant enemy and achieve our goals, using David and Goliah's story as an example. I really think I was able to encourage them to achieve their dreams.
During the classes break I went to the Professor's room where I had the chance to hug some of my dear professor and hear how proud they were of me and how the cheer for me. We remembered all the great moments we had and they remembered a lot of things I used to do during classes. It was so funny! I could really left that place knowing that everything was worth it, so now I can inspire other people with my story.
Later that day when I arrived at home. I had recieved an email about my accomodation and who my roommate is. The curiosity was gone! I got surprised that there was only one name on the list since the accomodation was for four people. I looked for my roommate on Facebook, I found him and he said that there were other two people who live in the apartment as well, we are all living together and I'm sharing a room with him. They are really cool, but the merrier thing was when they said that they were all singers! What!? Yeah, that's right! My roommate Jordan studies theatre and music education, Joe is a pianist and singer and JJ sings in a choir at Ambrose!! I fit the group perfectly! Plus... We all love to eat!! LOL I'm also taking some stuff with me to make when I'm homesick and share Brazilian food with my roommate! This is a great year in McCarthy Hall!
I'm happy for having similarities and for getting along with them! I do hope we all have an amazing time together.
Finishing this post, the last thing I had to do was to send an email with my Heath Form which contains my shots records, etc, to my adviser! It's important to have your shot records updated, an international record (you can make it at any airport), prescriptions for medicines in case of bringing some in the suitcase. Be sure to write a document acknowledged by a public institution allowing someone who you trust to solve any issues you may have while traveling, such as issues with your credit card, etc.
Jesus Christ, I'm ready to go! I can't imagine that I'll be leaving Brazil for the States in a couple weeks!!!