domingo, 21 de setembro de 2014

Adventureland! :)

What a fun day! Austin, our great International Ambassador had four tickets to go to this nice park called Adventureland. He invited Jonathan, Justin and I to go!! I was happy for the invitation!! According to their website: " Adventureland USA is Iowa's largest and most completely family resort. Adventureland Amusement Park contains over 100 rides, shows, and attractions including some of the country's most exciting roller coasters and thrill rides that can challenge the most avid amusement park enthusiasts. There are also plenty of rides for less adventurous guests including great water rides as well as a full compliment of children's rides spread throughout the park. But the entertainment doesn't stop with rides - Adventureland presents a full array of shows in the park - from live music to magic to song and dance - there's always something to suit everyone's taste. Simply the most fun you will have all year! Adventureland Park is a smoke free facility."

We left the cold morning at Ambrose at 7:00am headed to Des Moines. We stopped at McDonalds for breakfast (where you can get free wifi! Awesome! Haha), took some picture with a guy made of wood that we had no idea who that guy was! Lol... And then we continued our trip to Adventureland!
After getting there we had so much fun! The place looks like a small Disney city!! Haha. We first went to "Space Shot" which is the worst! Austin was trying to kill us! (I'm joking, buddy! You're a very nice guy!) When we less expected, we were thrown abruptly really high where we could see Des Moines entirely. That was the moment I forgot English for a couple minutes and started screaming (and praying) in Portuguese! Haha.
It was so nice to see four different continents and countries represented aiming to have a fun time. :) We got all wet during the water rides but we decided to dry our clothes by riding each of those roller coasters! Haha
After that, we were dead and hungry! We had Thai food (which reminds me that you shouldn't forget to tip the waiter. In Brazil it is already included but not in the US! Don't forget it! ), we went to the malls where bought some stuff, met some nice girls from a jewelry store, got surprised when we passing by this store shelves where we found superhero t-shirts, nice wallets, gothic stuff, etc, they also had a small sex shop full of weird toys! It was so funny! Hahaha
When we were coming back, we also stopped at a gas station where you put our own gas (which is different from Brazil). You scan your credit credit and pay for the gas, get the gas pump will stop when it's done! I think it is not that fun during the winter with -30 degrees Fahrenheit ( -34 degrees Celsius)!! 
In short, China, Nigeria, Brazil and the USA had a lot of fun! Thanks, Austin!!!!!

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