segunda-feira, 18 de agosto de 2014

6th day at Ambrose: Urban Plunge, Ice Cream, Hanna, Games and Acapella

Today I woke up feeling better and went to participate in a project called Urban Plunge (I was on TV! Haha) which provides us the opportunity to help the community. We, the Internaitonal students, went to a close neighborhood where we could help to paint a woman's house. It may be boring but it's good we are helping. It made me think that we are a community but sometimes we just don't act like that, just keeping repeating that as a cliche. Community means we are a group with similarities. We are all human beings, we all may need each other someday, so why not help our neighbor? That was super cool.
When I came back home, my big buddy JJ woke up and took me to the bank to put money in his checking account so we could order my books online, which costed 116 dollars. I can't be more thankful to my buddy. One interesting thing that surprised me was that we didn't wait for one hour or so... We parked there like a gas station and communticated with a lady through the inter phone. There was also a tube that has a plastic cylinder where you put the money, your bank card and your ID in, and then it's taken until the operator's cabine by air pressure where she can help you. I think it took five minutes to get everything done. This a very efficient and fast thing which would be awesome if we had in Brazil.
Later we went to an ice icream party at BeeHive where I finally found my freshman friend from Ambrose who is a great singer (she sang Adele today! Set fire to the rain). She is a very nice girl, really talented.
Well we came back, I showered and I went to "The Main Event, St Ambrose  Univeristy" which was really fun. It was the first time on campus when people had some stuff going on: water balloons, obstacle race (which hurt my elbow, haha), tug of war starts, karaoke, capture the Flagg, giant jengo, popcorn, some cotton candy and this game bellow:

It was awesome I lost twice (for a girl who I don't know and Danielle's friend. Danielle also sings really well. I met her at QC Family Entertainment with Mabil) and and I won twice (JJ and Ramsey. Woohoo... I killed you guys! Joking).
To make my evening even better, I went to an Acapella concert to listen to an amazing group called "Six Appeal". I enjoyed a lot with some people I met and some friends like my roommate Jordan (who gave us a performance, dancing a lot! Lol) and his girlfriend and my friend Austin who's an International Ambassador. 

Now I'm back, writing this, feeling much better and feeling so blessed and thankful for everything God has done. See you.

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