segunda-feira, 18 de agosto de 2014

5th day in the USA!

My Sunday was pretty nice! For the first time here, I went to St Paul Church which is close to the Campus with Christine and Tom (my American parents!). It was so cool to get together with them. The church is beautiful and I loved the songs. I got so excited when they started singing "Mighty to Save". It was awesome. 
The most interesting and touching part for me it was when we all from church recieved a rock with a cross on it. The pastor highlighted that the rocks don't have any powers, but it's just a reminding tool that God is always with you. For me, being abroad away from my family, the most important people God gave me to take care, is really hard and this meant a lot. Before I came to the USA, for several times I was told that God would be always with me. I know that, but now I have something to keep reminding me all the time.

After that we went to have lunch at a Mexican restaurant where I could have some beans and tacos. They have a really good food. The only funny thing was that I couldn't understand anything that that Mexican woman was saying. It'd be so better if she was speaking in Spanish! Hahaha... Well, anyways... 
I went with them to see their house and meet their cats called Gato and Louie. They only got a little suspicious of me! :)

After that my amazing American mom took good care of me. We found a cool truck where a guy sells some fruits. He drives around and people just go there and buy some fruit and vegetables. This is not common in Brazil, specially because we have these things all the time (Thank God for that!).
She took me to Walgreens where we got some things and some school supplies with coupons (Coupons are something really interesting about the American Culture. Once they have it, they will give you a nice discount for a particular product. For example, we got 12 can of lemonades for something cents. It's so cool) and we also went to get some stuff for their cats at Farm and fleet.

After that we went to a supermarket which would be our Brazilian Hiper Bom Preço. Sometimes things are cheaper in the USA only if you don't think about the currency exchange.
My American mom was so sweet to take care of me and be sure I was ok with everything and ready for my classes that I can't describe how thankful I am and how I appreciate everything she's done for me.

Later that day, we went to Starbucks which is a very American store with products based on coffee. I had a Franpuccino and a brownie. They are really good and I even found a Brazilian album there. By the time we were arriving at Ambrose, we stopped by Whitey's where I had one dip of black cherry icecream.

To finish our time together we went to a Cookout with the new students and we had a nice time with my American parents. That Cookout meant a lot for those Americans. It's a moment which has bittersweet feelings. The kids are grown up going to college and cutting the umbilical cord once again. I kinda felt what they were feeling.

The best part that night was a nice ice breaker with everybody full of games, switching groups according to our similarities such as the month of our birthday, getting to know our tastes of music, food, books, etc. 
By the end of the event I was really tired. I came home with my French friend, Melanie and JJ. I went to hangout for awhile with some people. They were drinking some beverages, ETC (I need to remember this ETC). It was kinda strange for me because I've never been used to be in this kind of environment  before, so... As I had to talk with my sister and mom I left, and that was the first time I felt homesick and (I may not say it because I have a lot of good people taking care of me and I do appreciate it, but I felt) alone.
It was the time that I could only hear my girls and see them from a dark screen and cry with them for awhile and hear some words of wisdom. 

One of the things we need to understand when you're going abroad is that this kind of moments are almost unavoidable. But everything you need to be focused on is that you're abroad and you have to enjoy each opportunity you have, and don't forget who you are and who you want to be. And then I fell asleep... See you guys tomorrow...

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