quinta-feira, 24 de abril de 2014


This is one of the most exciting posts I'm ever gonna write! Thank God my visa was approved! But I should warn you that this wasn't pretty normal as people used to tell me!
I woke up, showered, had a quick breakfast and my host father drove me to the Consulate! We were kinda late, however we got there on time.
As soon as I got there I could see all people in lines organized by the time of the interview. Mine was about to be called to enter the security area! (It's really important for you to know that you MUST NOT carry flashdrives, cellphones, sharp materials, CDs, electronic devices, etc. Get your DS-160 and passport ready to be checked.)
After entering the room in order to pass by security, I put ALL objects I had in a kind of tray. Suddenly something curious and funny happened. I was carrying a medicine for allergies due to climate variation, the guy forced me to take it! Hahaha. Maybe he thought I could be high! Without hesitating I did what he asked me. He stared at me for awhile, probably waiting for some reaction of my body or my pupils, I don't know! Anyways, then I passed by the metal detector and followed some signs which were leading me to another person who took my passport and DS-160 and warned me that I would be called by my full name for the interview. I remained waiting in a room full of people, but about 30 minutes later I was called to remain standing behind a red line. Meanwhile, my heart was beating really hard, but I knew that I couldn't show nervousness. The lady said that I could go to the cabine n* 7. 
Everybody used to tell me that the interviews for J1 applicants are often half Portuguese/ half English. IT WAS NOT! IT WAS ALL IN ENGLISH! I wonder that this happened because I was going to study at a university.
The American lady started our conversation by saying... Guess what? "Hello"? "good morning"? NO! She gets started by saying "Can you speak English?". Blessedly, I quickly said "Yes"! In short, we spent around 3 minutes speaking until I hear the sentence: "Your visa was approved... Oh... Wait!" That made my heart starts beating very fast. My torture was to remain standing for around 10 minutes without saying a word as I was looking at her making strange facial expressions like something was wrong! 
She asked for a document that I didn't have (it's important to highlight that I had a folder full of documents) making me feel suspicious of her request! It would be a test? After being in anguish, the silence was broken by the last sentence that came out from her: "Alright, your visa was approved and it will be delivered by mail in 2 weeks. Have a good trip!" 
I just could experience more peace and a huge relief! Thanks Jesus!
She gave a flier with some info on my rights as a foreign and gave me back my J1 stamped to present when I arrive in the US and have to go through immigration.

After this, I met my host father who took me home. In the evening I had a nice rehearsal at his church and had dinner! It was great! I really appreciate the angels who God has put on my way!
Thank you all! Now I can go back home with the happiest and most thankful smile ever!
I am on my way,  the USA!!! Bye Brasilia, bye dear host family. See you all soon!

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