terça-feira, 13 de maio de 2014

Flight Tickets and New Ambrosian Friends

bought my tickets!! Having butterflies in my stomach, I'm sure that God has his perfect time to do His Will towards my life! As I live in a small city, I bought two tickets: one from my city to Guarulhos International Airport and another from SP to Quad Cities. This decision saved me almost 1000,00 reais, however, I had some issues. I didn't know but I have to check in at least 3 hours before my flight and I was supposed to arrive in SP just 1 hour and 30 minutes before my flight! Guess what? I need to change my flight and perhaps I may pay for it (I hope not). So pay attention when you get your tickets!
I have already met some people from Ambrose and a couple days ago I met some students of Occupational Therapy. I volunteered myself to work as their interpreter during these days. It was pretty cool to translate some live presentations into English, be part of their learning with their Professor, go to hospitals and public institutions and get to know the local reality and obstacles people face in my city.
I felt very useful. Those girls are intelligent, beautiful and very nice! I really loved spending some time with them.
Their OT Professor is amazing! Dr. U. is a very special woman who kinda adopted me as her Brazilian son! I love the idea! 
People have told me how great she is but I must say she's greater! :) We got along with each other very well and I can't wait to meet her again in the States, help her with her Portuguese and learn some English from her. Since the moment I met her for the first time I surely felt she's one of the angels God put on my way to support while I'm there! I so thank Him for it! It's so incredible how she inspired me about cultural awereness. She's so opened and passionate about my country... She's also very responsible and a big mom for her students. I pray so that  God may bless her in a very special way! I could spend hours and hours to describe her and it wouldn't be enough. Can't wait to leave for SAU and meet my American mom again!
PS.: Thanks for the T-shirt! Loved it!

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